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Disciplined and Distinctive for 40 Years

Minneapolis-Based Market Research and Money Management Firm

Products and Services

Founded in 1981 as an independent investment research firm, The Leuthold Group has been producing original analysis for the institutional marketplace for nearly half a century. Driven by the research, in 1987 the firm established its investment management arm which is centered on tactical asset allocation and disciplined quantitative methodologies.

Institutional Research

Objective fair-minded analysis free from the conflicts of interest that can accompany Wall Street and investment banking firms. Disciplined, quantitative, and often contrarian, our proprietary research includes commentary on the stock market, bond market, economy, equity strategies, overall asset mix tactics, and examination of a wide range of industry-related subject matter of timely interest.

Money Management

A pioneer in tactical asset allocation, the firm’s founder was also an originator of equity investment management based on sector/industry group selection and rotation. Complementing the flagship tactical allocation strategy, the portfolio management team likewise specializes in distinctive long-only, short-only, and ETF portfolios. The firm is well-known for the far-reaching multidimensional experience of its team.

Leuthold For Advisors

A work in progress… this is a resource designed to present details and information about investment models and augment the knowledge base. We aim to provide tools, ideas, strategy insights, and research for investment professionals as a supplementary source of input for making well-informed and educated decisions—be it strategic, tactical, or day-to-day.

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The Leuthold Group

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