Market Analysis

  • Perception For The Professional ("The Green Book") is our original research produced for the institutional marketplace. This comprehensive publication includes commentary on financial markets and the economy, presents equity strategies and bond market observations, discusses an overall asset mix structure, and explores other industry-related subject matter of timely interest. This book is produced on a monthly basis.
  • BenchMarks is a quarterly presentation of our proprietary “histograms” — graphic representations of historical market data and intrinsic value relationships for a range of benchmark indices. Data includes: Price/Earnings Multiples, Common Stock Yields, Book Value, Stock Market Valuations versus GDP, Interest Rates, Inflation and the Economy, Stock Market Performance, and various measures evaluating Stocks versus Bonds.
  • Inflation Watch provides our current and intermediate-term assessment of the inflation environmment and examines data for the CPI and PPI component subsets to gauge how each may be influencing conditions. This publication is distributed via email and posted on the web site after the CPI and PPI are released, typically around mid-month.
  • Interim Memos are emailed to clients when market action or changes in our indicators warrant comment outside of our usual monthly publication schedule.
  • Major Trend Index is a weekly email update on the status of our 130-factor assessment of stock market risk.
  • Group Watch is a weekly web site posting which recaps the week's best and worst performing equity industry groups.
  • Fund Flow Trends is a quarterly analysis detailing the money flow trends within the industry. This includes the broad categories of equity and bond mutual funds and ETFs (both U.S. and foreign focus), as well as hybrid mutual funds.

Equity Group Analysis

We seek to identify equity leadership trends, both on a domestic basis and globally. Our models employ fundamental, technical, and quantitative factors.

Our domestic Group Selection (GS) Scores rank 115 industries derived from the S&P/MSCI industry and sub-industry GICS levels. Our universe is composed of the largest 3,000 securities traded on U.S. exchanges (including roughly 400 ADRs).

Our Global Group Selection (GGS) Scores analyze 93 industries drawn from the largest 5,000 investable names traded on exchanges around the world. 

Distribution of The Leuthold Group Research is highly restricted. Research clients may receive publications in hard copy format, via secure website access at and through FactSet Research Connect.